What We Fund


Beverley was a champion of arts education for most of her life. As a teacher, she believed the arts are essential to broadening our children’s minds starting in elementary.


James started many companies and held several patents. He strove to use technology to improve any sector. We award grants to those who see a way to improve the lives of others.

Health Care

Many of James’ patents come from the health care sector. These grants bring about his desire to improve the standard of care and quality of health care facilities.


Both James and Beverley saw a growing need to help those in our communities from every walk of life. Their greatest joy was the “joy of helping others.”

Our Founders

The Sorenson Legacy Foundation was created to improve the lives of others and the world in which we live. Founded by the late biotechnology pioneer and entrepreneur James LeVoy Sorenson and his wife, education philanthropist Beverley Taylor Sorenson, the foundation provides support for a wide range of endeavors, from community development and health care to scientific and artistic pursuits.

There is no greater joy in this life than the joy of helping others.

- James LeVoy Sorenson

How to Apply

The Sorenson Legacy Foundation has been established to implement the charitable interests of the James LeVoy Sorenson family. The foundation has a broad spectrum of philanthropic interests and supports endeavors in the fields of education, innovation, health care, and community.