Charter: The Sorenson Legacy Foundation has been established to implement the charitable interests of the James LeVoy Sorenson family. The foundation has a broad spectrum of philanthropic interests and supports endeavors in the fields of education, innovation, health care, and community.

Please read the following guidelines before applying for a grant. Eligibility is based on the following criteria.


  • approved and in good standing with IRS 501(c)(3) requirements
  • municipalities or public schools
  • preference for organizations whose efforts are in Utah


To get a complete understanding of the foundation’s focus areas, please see What We Fund.” Ideas include, but are not limited to, projects and programs which:


  • promote the development of the arts, including art education in schools
  • assist promising young artists
  • support performing arts organizations
  • promote education and job training


  • enhance the quality of life of all humankind
  • promote the development of science, culture, and recreation
  • protect and enhance the environment
  • promote the development of parks and green spaces


  • promote medical research
  • develop innovative medical technologies for saving lives
  • alleviate pain and suffering


  • encourage and support the long-term preservation of families and children;
  • assist the disenfranchised of society, such as abused spouses and children
  • promote community development and security and adequate and affordable housing
  • promote law and order generally
  • provide youth with alternatives to gangs, crime, and socially nonproductive behavior
  • promote world peace and unity through greater understanding and tolerance
  • advance the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

All Sorenson Legacy Foundation applications will be reviewed and screened by the foundation’s board of directors to ensure that applications are appropriate within the foundation’s charter.


Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. If you submit an application after one of the deadlines below, it will be reviewed on the following review date.

  • First Quarter Review: DECEMBER 1 (of the previous year)
  • Second Quarter Review: MARCH 1
  • Third Quarter Review: JUNE 1
  • Fourth Quarter Review: SEPTEMBER 1